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Carter & Co are one of the leading Estate and Legacy companies specialising in Wills, Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPA’s), Asset Protection Trust and Funeral Plans.


The vast majority of people put off making Will as they do not believe it is relevent to them at this particular time. However, by not having a Will or a sufficient Will can cause all sorts of problems for the people left behind when you pass with a worse case scenario being that your estate passes to the wrong people or the state.

Property & Finance / Health & Welfare

What happens if you can’t make key decisions regarding your affairs, simple things such as day to day finances to more complex situations regarding your long-term care? Appointing attorneys means the people you trust such as loved ones can make these decisions for you if you are unable to. There is a misconception that LPA’s are for the elderly but there are many situations where you may become temporarily incapacitated and rely on people to make and help with key decsions regarding either your Property and Finance and / or your Health and Welfare. 

We understand the importance of having LPA’s and here to help and guide you through the decision making process along with setting them up. 


Transferring your assets into a trust is often a desirable way to plan your estate and inheritance, and to ensure most inheritance tax matters are organised before your death.There are various types of trusts and different reasons why you might want to write your assets into a trust, while you may also need guidance in how to manage the trust itself in the coming years.


Probate is the entire process of administering the deceased’s estate. This involves organising their money, assets and possessions and then ensuring they are distributed to their chosen beneficiaries after paying all taxes and debts. We are here to help and advise throught this complex process.


Funerals are a very personal choice and many people detail in their Will their funeral wishes. As a final part of your Estate planning you can pre-pay all your funeral costs and leave detailed instructions meaning the loved ones you leave behind can grieve without the stress of arranging your funeral.

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