JP Goldman

Specialist in Residential and Commercial Property

JP Goldman are specialists in property law. The Directors have many years of experience between them and have worked at numerous establishments; big to small. JP Goldman was formed based upon the experiences of each Director; they have brought with them the good and left behind the bad.


JP Goldman’s specialist team of lawyers will deal with all aspects of your case with the utmost care and professionalism.

You will have access to a wealth of experience in all areas of property and housing law and we utilise industry leading software which is endorsed by the Law Society. This ensures that your cases are handled safely and efficiently.

By using the latest technology we can provide a personalised service no matter where you are in the World.


What sets us apart from many other legal service providers is simple; we ensure that all of our lawyers have a minimal amount of concurrent cases to ensure that more time can be spent with you. This is more time speaking with you and more time progressing your case. Our aim is to ensure that the conveyancing process is as stress free as possible.

Many other providers would simply overload each lawyer with as many clients as possible, thereby severely reducing the quality of service provided, slowing down the process and increasing the probability of error.

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